I am a UX Designer always looking for new challenges. Before moving into UX, I worked as a Project Manager in international development, designed training programs and organized conferences & workshops in Budapest, Kyiv, Warsaw and Vilnius. I spent over three years at the United Nations Refugee Agency providing HR support to colleagues in the field.


I'm passionate about architecture, storytelling, culture, Chinese couisine and everything that lies East of Berlin and West of Nemuro Kotsu. Especially when it is grey and built from pre-fab panel blocks. If you are interested in a cooperation feel free to drop me a line or an email. 


Product Design. A Customizable Board Game (Case Study)

Project Management. The Visegrad Academy for Political Leadership.

Photography. Panelgrau - 'Grey is the Color'

Interview. "District 11 Budapest Kelenföld - From dormitory district to the Venice Biennale" Greyscape.com



Longform. The Last Days of a Modernist Town Center in Budapest? 

Research. Ukraine's Foreign Policy Audit: 
Ukraine - Hungary