The Anniversary Game

title. Foreign Policy Audit: Ukraine - Hungary

date. 2019

published by. New Europe Center - Kyiv, Ukraine

 #research  #foreignpolicy  #discussionpaper #ukrainianpolitics

I was invited by the Kyiv based New Europe Center to be a co-author of a discussion paper in their project 'Ukraine’s Foreign Policy Audit' funded by USAID. The objective of the initiative was to study the mutual interests of Ukraine and its strategically important partners in order to develop recommendations for a new foreign policy for Ukraine. 

With Ivan Medynskyi, Research Fellow at the New Europe Center, we conducted a thorough research by investigating the political, economic, social and historical driving forces that shape the relationship of the two countries. The audit identifies the key interest and influencing groups, analyzes the risk and opportunities and gives recommendations for a better cooperation. 


The paper remains the most comprehensive and compelling summary written on Ukrainian - Hungarian foreign relations up to now.